A cabin in the woods that holds memories and secrets
A cabin in the woods that holds memories and secrets

The log split and toppled to the ground. The man wiped his brow and sat down on an old stump. Beside him lay a stack of wood that he had structured ever so carefully. He admired his work, and then unsteadily stood. He picked up a bundle of the logs and hobbled back to his cabin. The grass was covered in frost and it crunched under his feet.

As the man reached the front door of his cabin, he juggled the logs in his arms so he could turn the doorknob. He stumbled through the entryway and laid his cargo…

As a writer, I often find myself wondering what genre am I writing? Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times, it takes a bit of thinking before I can determine the exact genre of my book. I know you’re probably wondering, why does it matter? Or, maybe you already know why it matters. Either way, I’m here to talk about the different book/writing genres, specifically fiction genres, and what kind of writing falls under each category.

What is a genre?

In the most basic explanation — a book genre is a category that a book falls into depending on form, style, or content. If…

As most ACOTAR ( A Court of Thorns and Roses) fans know, ACOSF () is the latest novel in the ACOTAR series. While the first 4 books are written from Feyre and Rhysand’s perspectives, ACOSF is written from Nesta and Cassian’s perspectives. Though we do get to check in with Feyre and Rhysand a few times through Nesta and Cassian’s interactions, so it is a bit like coming home. The entire ACOTAR world is mesmerizing and a joy to be a part of. Reading ACOSF was a lot of fun, though it was also…interesting. …

An Assassin’s Order short story…

Amalia crouched low as she waited for the right moment to strike.

“You see that?” a familiar voice sounded from behind her, she didn’t bother to turn to see who couched behind her. Cyril joined her on almost every mission, but they always came separately.

“I’m a bit busy at the moment,” she said and he chuckled.

“A bumblebee, you know what that means?” he pointed but Amalia ignored him and instead made her move.

A few minutes later, blood spattered the walls, bodies littered the floors, and Amalia stood in the center of it…

This week’s author in the spotlight is Ken McCarthy!

Author Interview with Ken McCarthy

When did you first start writing?

That’s a tough one. My memory doesn’t work like that. I envy people who can answer questions like that honestly. Writing always came a little easier for me than for most people — that was something that I started to notice over time. I can remember sitting at the dining room table in my parents’ house working on a writing assignment when I was probably in fourth or fifth grade. I think we were asked to basically make up some kind of story, although I’m guessing there were some parameters.


This week’s author in the spotlight is Sarah Surgey!

Author Interview with Sarah Surgey

When did you first start writing?

I have been freelance writing for around ten years now, writing for various magazines. I started out writing articles about nordic films, books, and TV. However, as most writers will tell you … they have written their whole lives!

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Whilst I was writing articles about and interviewing authors it just all fell into place, every time I asked them this very same question. I understood how they felt.

Was there any author or book in particular that inspired you to write? Or a teacher/mentor?

Not really. Not because no one has inspired me to the point of wanting to be a writer but because everyone has! I…

Amalia threw a chair out the window.

“What the hell, Amalia?!” Theo yelled. He hurried to the window and gazed down to where the chair had splintered into pieces ten stories below them. “That’s not what I meant when I said it had to go…” Amalia shrugged and closed the window.

“Now it’s gone,” she said, and Theo rolled his eyes. “What else needs to go?”

“No. You are not throwing anything else out the window.”

“Suit yourself, but it’s pretty fun,” she smirked. …

I want to share my puppy’s story with the world because when we first brought her home, I felt lost and alone A LOT. She is not the average puppy, and I want others to know if they are in a similar boat — you are not alone!

In August of 2020, my husband and I brought home our puppy, Korra. I was out of work, so we figured it was the perfect time to introduce a new member to our little family. She was the cutest little pupper (and still is). We picked her up and she took to…

Shadow and Bone is a teen/young adult trilogy written by Leigh Bardugo set in a world called the Grishaverse. The three books in the series are Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising.


Shadow and Bone introduces us to the main character of the series, Alina Starkov, and her best friend, Mal. She begins the story working in the First Army as a mapmaker before she is thrust into the world of the Grisha by one known as “the darkling.” He discovers her after her unit attempts a trek across a horrifying section of land called The…

Authors need breaks too! Sometimes, as a writer, I need a break. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that writing can become overwhelming and a dominating thing in life. My writing will always be a priority and I love it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to step away sometimes.

What I’ve been doing…

In the last month, I finished two novels (I’ve been working on them both for over a year), and have started another. Reaching that point where I can say that a novel is “finished” does not mean that it is ready to be published. I still…

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