International Women’s Day: Supporting Women Authors & Bloggers

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(This is a post from last year — but I will always take an opportunity to boost up my fellow women writers!!)

First I want to say, Happy Women’s History month! Now, today specifically is International Women’s Day. I wanted to celebrate by boosting and supporting some fellow women authors and writers. I compiled a list of some amazing women who deserve some love and support. Check them out and make sure to follow them on social media to keep up with future projects.

Fantasy Authors

1. Jessika Grewe Glover — @Anotherbeastjessika

Hi, all. I’m Jessika Grewe Glover. I am a writer of fiction — mostly contemporary fantasy. My first published novel, Another Beast’s Skin, the first in a trilogy, releases in November of this year with Gen Z Publishing. Another Beast’s Skin is currently available for preorder in kindle format from Amazon (Preorder here). Hardcover preorders are yet to be announced. I live in Southern California with my British ex-pat husband, two teenage children, and a rescue bulldog.

2. Lydia Russell — @Intothewickedwoods

My name is Lydia Russell and I write dark fantasy romance. I have self-published the first two books in The Wicked Woods Chronicles with the third coming this year.

My books are available on Amazon and are in Kindle Unlimited. (Check out book one, Into the Wicked Woods here!)

3. Alison Levy — @Alevyauthor

I’m Alison Levy, I’m the author of “Gatekeeper: Book One in the Daemon Collecting Series.” It’s an urban fantasy involving other dimensions, a strong female lead, and intense action thrills. You can buy my book on Amazon or find the link on my website,

4. Elena Carter — @Elena_carter_author

My name is Elena Carter, I’m currently working on my urban fantasy novel ”Follow The Hummingbird”, soon to be released on Amazon. I also enjoy writing short stories and flash fiction, and after my book is released I have an idea of publishing a collection of short stories.

5. Sarah (S.H. Everly) — @Sheverlybooks

My name is Sarah, I go by the pen name S. H. Everly, and I am an author of Young Adult Fantasy and Fiction. My debut novel, Iridescent, recently came out on February 25th. It’s a coming of age, fantasy story about a seventeen-year-old girl who moves to Santa Cruz, CA. Iridescent can be found here on Amazon. So grateful and excited for where my writing will go next as I continue writing the sequel to my book!

6. Charlotte Murphy — @charliauthor

I’m Charlotte, a podcaster and author. I write Fantasy novels for Young and New Adults. I have four books available (find them here!) and querying my fourth, a Paranormal fantasy featuring shapeshifting wolves! My podcast Books n Shit is bi-weekly and focuses on all things bookish! Updates can be found on my Instagram @charliauthor.

7. Chynna Pace — @Chynnapace

I am an author of young adult fiction, mostly in the paranormal and fantasy genres, but always with a splash of mystery and suspense thrown in. My favorite thing to write is anything with magic in it, and I especially love telling stories about young heroes going on harrowing adventures, encountering the eerie and the whimsical, discovering the power of hope and friendship, and defeating evil with good! I currently have four books out, and all of them can be found on Amazon. (Find them all here!)

8. Victoria J. Price — @Victoriajprice

I write because I love to read. I write fantasy about worlds full of magic, about love and loss, about friendship and what it means to come together, to fight for something. The final installment in my YA fantasy trilogy releases in May, you can find out more here, or via my website

9. Emmie Hamilton — @Authoremmiehamilton

Emmie Hamilton is a writer from the heart of Connecticut. Her poetry has been published with Pure Slush Press based in Australia. She has also written nonfiction essays for Scary Mommy and is set to release her debut YA fantasy novel, Chosen to Fall, this summer. You can keep up with her on Instagram @authoremmiehamilton and visit her website for the latest publication information

10. Emily VanderBent — @Emilyvanderbent_author

Emily VanderBent is a writer and historian. A natural-born storyteller, she desires to relay and celebrate the stories of women in history. Her premier YA Historical Fantasy novel, Crimson Time, is the first in a series that uses elements of history to creatively engage readers with the past. She hopes her writing will encourage young women to fearlessly pursue their passions and own the narrative of their own story.

With a degree in history, Emily uses her talent for writing, research, and design to create blog posts, online content, and design for Girl Museum. She also helps walk new authors through the publishing process as an Author Coach for New Degree Press. While living in the real world, Emily dreams of days long past and stories yet to be told.

Her novel is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other book retailers. You can also read her blog posts on,, and her personal website Follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram!

Romance Authors

11. Ellie White — @Elliewhite_writes

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am from Sunderland in the North East of England. I am a self-published author and write romantic comedies with strong female leads. My debut novel ‘Love & London’ publishes on the 2nd of April through Amazon in e-book, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited. It’s the story of Maggie who after being widowed 8 years earlier is finally ready to return to the dating scene. Although this is a rom-com, we also follow Maggie’s journey of grief after losing her husband unexpectedly at a young age which was inspired by my own experiences of losing a close family member in the same way.

12. Emily Reilly — @Emreilly

I am a self-published author of two novels, Saving Ivy and Dear Tatum. My favorite genre to write is contemporary romance however, most of my writing involves a bit of family drama. All of my work is available on Amazon or through me directly!

13. Shannon Elaine Sweeney — @Shannonelainesweeney

My name is Shannon Elaine Sweeney and I’m a fiction writer of contemporary romance. I particularly enjoy writing about musician love interests, with heavy punk influence. You can find me and my writing on Instagram: @shannonelainesweeney or on Twitter @shannonesweeney

Fiction Authors

14. Hannah Baller — @thewritingsofhannah

Hey everyone! What I love to write about are current novels in the Book World, and I’m also a ghostwriter where I love writing all genres. I’m currently got a WIP — a horror! You can find me on: for my reviews and chilled out topics

15. Betsey Kulakowski — @Authorbetseyk

My name is Betsey Kulakowski and I write paranormal thrillers. I have a degree in emergency management and work as a full-time occupational safety specialist. I’m the author of The Veritas Codex Series. The first two books The Veritas Codex, The Jaguar Queen, and The Alien Accord are available in ebook, paperback, and audiobooks (Find them here!). There are many more to follow! You can learn more about me and my work at

16. K.T. Anglehart — @Kt_anglehart

As a published author, professional editor, and writing coach with a passion for books and television, I am in the business of telling stories.

Originally written as a TV series, my teen/young adult novel “The Wise One” has just been featured on Reedsy Discovery’s picks of “Best Young Adult Books”. It’s the tale of a teen outcast named Mckenna who discovers innate magical abilities she inherited from her birth mother. When her dads reveal that her mom is alive, she sets off to find her in Ireland. I’m in the midst of writing the second book in the series.

You can find “The Wise One” on Amazon, the Book Depository, and Indigo, and Barnes and Noble online. If you’d like to learn more about me or subscribe to my newsletter, visit

17. Dani J. Norwell — @Dani_j_norwell Dani J. Norwell is a Spain-based contemporary/literary fiction author. Her published work, Fairly Familiar, is a collection of short stories about family, and her upcoming book, Snapshots of Spain, will be a collection of short stories about ex-pat life in Spain. When Dani is not reading or writing, you can find her traveling, sipping Spanish wine, or seeking out dogs to pet on her walks around town. Find her at and purchase her book through Amazon.

Dani also writes a blog! Dani and Claudia are two Midwestern American girls who met in Granada, Spain, and decided to start a blog together nearly four years ago. Sincerely, Spain is now the one-stop-shop for anything you ever wanted to know about Spain and living abroad. With a focus on the Spanish lifestyle, cultural competencies, and language-learning, Dani and Claudia pride themselves on sharing honest, first-hand insights to help others thrive in their abroad experiences. You can read the blog at and follow the girls on all major social media platforms (@sincerelyspain).

18. Tonya Ulynn Brown — @Tonyaubrown

Tonya is an author and elementary Social Studies teacher who loves ancient, medieval, and early modern British history, with a particular interest in Scotland. She enjoys writing historical fiction, and also blogs about historical figures, places, and customs, mainly focusing on 16th century Europe. Sometimes she even throws in a little American history.

Tonya released her first novel in 2020, The Queen’s Almoner, which is a reimagining of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Find Tonya Ulynn Brown online at:, Historical Blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

19. Fenyx Blue — @fenyxblueink

Fenyx Blue hopes you will think of a bold, loving, unapologetic, and evolving (b.l.u.e) writer. Fenyx Blue is a teacher, author coach, and anti-bullying advocate. She is the creator of Team Bully-Free Forever (Team BFF) and uses her art to inspire the next generation to become Upstanders. Her four books for future heroes can be found on Amazon or Blue has served as a mentor, ministry leader, and instructional coach. She can be found at @fenyxblueink on all platforms.

Non-Fiction Authors/Bloggers

20. Karin Freeland — @Karinfreeland

Karin Freeland is a certified life coach and new author helping women find their purpose and turn their dreams into reality. Her blog focuses on self-confidence, highlights other women who have made career transitions, career tips, and overcoming a midlife crisis. She’s also wrapping up her comedic tell-all memoir: The Ins and Out of My Vagina: A Penetrating Memoir, set to launch in the Fall of 2021. She takes readers on her journey to womanhood with an unlikely partner, V — covering the good, the bad, and the hilarious — holding nothing back. You can learn more about her book by visiting

21. Kathryn Inman — @Kathrynminman

My name is Kathryn Inman, I’m a Christian writer currently seeking publication for my debut book, a non-fiction story of redemption titled: Counting Spoons- A Memoir of Heroin, Heartache, and Hope. You can follow my book journey and take a peek at my blogs on my website

22. Ramyaa A S — @Ramya30380

Ramya is a writer, blogger, and Content Manager with over a decade of experience in the content stream. She has handheld many aspiring writers who have become professional online writers today. She is the co-founder of Top 10s Only, a brand that is being built to give equal opportunities for writers to express themselves in multi-niche categories. You can find her writings in a lot of places under pseudo names but predominantly now in

23. Crisan Evans — @She_forges

Crisan Evans is a Jamaican Journalist, blogger, and Youtuber. She is a savvy content creator. To see her work you can visit her blog or her youtube page She Forges by Crisan. is the ultimate definition of a lifestyle blog packed with reviews, sage, and savvy advice. Crisan offers readers the intimate feel that they crave personally whenever they visit a blog.

Her content is curated to reflect her millennial lifestyle and Christian experiences so readers can feel like they are learning and “forging into the amazing person” they ought to be with her. She provides great tips and tidbits you need to know about being a millennial woman and navigating this modern world.

– End of Amazing Women Writers List! –

Happy International Women’s Day — celebrate by supporting some of these awesome writers!

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