The Dreadful Five

Holly Huntress
3 min readMar 1, 2022


This was the first time Steph had ever been caught. It chipped her ego a bit knowing that she’d been so easily duped by her least favorite person. But that’s the way it had always been with Kat, her sister. She held a soft spot for her, no matter how many times Kat betrayed her.

Now, because of Steph’s stupidity, she was in a pitch-dark room, tied to a chair, with duct tape slapped over her mouth. The duct tape had been because she’d talked too much when she was taken. It was one of the reasons she was here to begin with. Someone had overheard her loudmouth saying exactly where she’d be last night, and they had set up a trap using Kat.

There was no way to know where she was being held, but Steph knew that wherever she was, her crew would find her. They always had each other’s backs, no matter the situation. Nesta, with all her hidden knives, Adrina with her whip wound around her wrist, Helena and Georgia with their graceful yet deadly combat skills…they would all be busting down the doors of this place any minute. Steph just knew it. They became her family once she ran away from home two years earlier. Kat had never forgiven Steph for leaving, but if she had stayed, there was no way she would have survived this long.

A light flickered on above Steph and she had to close her eyes against the sudden change. Slowly, she opened her eyes to adjust to the brightness. A figure stood before her and Steph wondered if she had been standing there the whole time.

“Kat…” Steph’s voice cracked from the dryness in her throat. They hadn’t given her any water since she’d arrived. Kat wore a wicked grin that made her features look all the more menacing.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kat began, her voice full or derision. “My own sister? How could she?” she mocked. “Of course, you probably know what I’m thinking too…how stupid of you to trust me…again.” Steph turned her head away, trying to see if there were any routes of escape in the room. It looked like a basement of a store. There were shelves along the walls stocked with goods, and crates stacked everywhere.

“Come on, Stephy, you have to admit, I did good,” Kat placed her hand on Steph’s chin and turned her face back to the front. “Am I good enough to join your gang yet? Or am I still too soft…” so that’s what this was about…Steph rolled her eyes and Kat grimaced.

“Kat! You need to get up here!” someone yelled from upstairs. Kat groaned and turned to hurry upstairs. A moment after she disappeared, Nesta appeared in the stairway, peering over the railing at Steph.

“Took you long enough,” Steph grinned as Nesta skidded to a stop in front of her and cut her free from the chair.

“We’ll always come for you.”

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