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Holly Huntress
2 min readJan 24, 2023

Some days it can be a struggle to find the motivation to write. Thankfully, I currently work for myself and don’t have any hard set deadlines that need to be followed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to get things done. There are a few tips I have picked up this past year for keeping myself on track.

One thing I’ve started to do when I hit a writing block is to skip ahead to a different scene. Not everyone can write out of order, and I used to be someone who couldn’t. But, I’ve found that it helps keep me going if I skip ahead to a scene I’m really excited to write. Then, I can go back later when I’m not low on motivation and write the less exciting scenes.

Another thing I’ve started to do is make a stack of sticky notes for my goals. What I mean by this is I write a word count goal, like 10,000 words, and then stack it on top of each of my other goals. When I reach the 10,000 words, I rip off that sticky note and get to crumple it up and throw it away. Beneath it is another sticky note for 20,000 words with a little note of encouragement, like “you’ve got this!” or “you’re doing great!”

I am a very tactile and visual person so being able to physically interact with my goals through the sticky notes makes it much more fun when I reach them!

If I’m still not feeling the motivation to write, I don’t force it. I take a break, walk away for a bit, come back and try again. I do believe writing every day is great, but not all of us can manage that, or have the time to do it. To go along with this though, I don’t let time constraints stop me from writing anymore.

A lot of times I get the urge to write before work, or on a break, and I’ve learned that even if I only have ten minutes to write, I need to do it! Otherwise that motivation, or that urge goes away and whatever great idea could have come from that is gone. So keep a notebook or your laptop handy in case of a burst of inspiration!

There is also one weird thing that helps me write…if I tilt my head while I’m writing, for some reason it helps 😂 Are there any quirky things like this that you’ve done that have helped you?

Let me know if you have anything that helps keep you motivated in the comments!

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