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Holly Huntress
4 min readNov 26, 2021


In a previous post, I mentioned how important it is to have a writing space (check that out here). Somewhere like a writing/reading corner, or maybe it’s just your bed or desk. There are so many ways to make a space more welcoming and comfortable so that you truly enjoy it when you’re there. I know when I’m in my writing space (my bed or my desk) I like to have inspiration all around me. So, let’s dive into creating a writing space! (*This post contains affiliate links*)


Pick a space! Do you write at a desk? In a certain chair? In your bed? Any and all are acceptable answers! Your writing space is wherever you feel most comfortable and inspired to write. I mentioned my space is either my desk or my bed. For the most part, I try to sit at my desk, because if I am trying to write in bed, it tends to be more awkward and unorganized. But, sometimes it’s where I want to be! If you want to write in bed, I highly recommend a lap tray. It helps keep you a little more organized, and if you are using a laptop, helps to keep it from overheating.

Here is a great one I found on Bed Bath and Beyond that is similar to what I use.

There are so many different options if you don’t think this one would work for you. But, I like the cushioning it provides, rather than a stand type one. I use mine for more than just writing. It is nice to have to play cards on, or when I just need a flat surface.


When creating a writing space, make sure your space is comfortable. For me, this means a blanket in case I get cold (I am always cold), and pillows! It also means having things around that you may need, like tissues, food, water, anything that you don’t want to have to get up for. Once your in your writing space, it’s best to leave as little as possible to avoid distractions.

This is the blanket I have in my writing space! It is sooo soft and cozy. I have the full/queen size. As for a pillow, how about a nice light-up star pillow? I don’t personally have this pillow, but it is on my list! It matches so well with the theme — stars! The pillow may be a nursery pillow, but it ties in with the blanket so well and it’s adorable! I like cute things in my space

they make me happy.


Decorate! I have family and friend’s photos all around my desk. They help lift my spirits when I’m feeling down. I also have posters and framed pictures inspired by books/movies I love. Specifically, I have a framed Harry Potter puzzle hanging above my desk. I couldn’t find the exact one, I have a Patronus puzzle, but here is another cool one!

I also have a pinboard for my collection of pins and to tack up fun ideas and pictures. Like this one! I found this awesome pen holder on Amazon. My pen holder is not nearly as cool, but it is a must for a writing space! I have mine packed tight with pens, pencils, a ruler, scissors, hole punch, and more. You never know what you may need when confining yourself to your desk! If you want to find cute, writing-related decor, I recommend checking out Etsy, there are tons of options there.


You need yourself and something to write in! I usually use my laptop, but when I’m in bed, I use a notebook. Everywhere I look in my room and at my desk, I have notebooks. There are way too many…but at the same time, never enough.

Half of them are already completely filled, but I need to keep them around because they have notes for my books. Most of them are just standard school notebooks. My journals are more fun and pretty (on the outside anyway.) Check some out here!

You get to decide all of the logistics in the end when it comes to creating your writing space. Find what works for you and do it! If pictures or cute trinkets are too distracting, don’t put them in your space. But, if you are like me and need some distraction every once in a while to keep you on your toes, surround yourself with things you love to keep you motivated!

Do whatever makes you happy and just keep on writing!

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