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When did you first start writing?

I first started writing when I was in elementary school. My favorite part of school was writing in my journal and making up stories about my friends and me. I even have a distinct memory of trying to write a full-fledged novel in third grade. In high school, I wrote a lot of song lyrics, but I didn’t get serious about writing until I got to college and realized I wanted to study English.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Writing a book has always been a dream of mine, but this past summer is when I really started considering writing a book. Covid took away a lot of internship opportunities, so I thought it’d be great to start this process when I had so much time on my hands.

Was there any author or book in particular that inspired you to write? Or a teacher/mentor?

My upcoming book is largely inspired by the people I used to play music with growing up. I remember begging my parents to drive me to a local coffee shop every Friday night for song circles and open mics, and it was at those events where I met some wonderful and talented musicians who taught me so much about the craft of music and shared their passion for music with me.

What genre do you write?

I am currently writing a non-fiction book, but I write a lot of short fiction as well.

What inspires you to write the most?

People! I love listening to people’s stories and ideas! A lot of what I write is inspired by the people I’ve met and the stories they’ve told me. My upcoming book is largely constructed around interviews and the stories of people in the music industry.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I think it’s so cool how writing has the power to connect people. Especially during this moment of isolation, I’ve found that writing has helped me find a community with other writers and my existing networks of friends and family, which has been such a blessing during this time. Writing is a collaborative effort, and I love the way I get to work with other people to discuss ideas and have really meaningful conversations.

How many books have you written? What are they called? Where can they be found/bought?

I am currently writing my first book with the working title The Truth About Music. It’s about the music industry and how current trends we’re seeing in music are setting up a major artist revolution in which artists will be at the center of the industry. This book is for the 99% of artists trying to make it big in music and even music consumers!

What do you write — short stories, poems, novels, novellas, blog posts etc. — and which do you enjoy writing the most?

Since my upcoming book is nonfiction, I’ve been writing that genre a lot these days. I also write a lot of short fiction, but I love non-fiction because it’s so straightforward and it’s easy for me to piece together the different parts of chapters.

Have you tried to go the traditional route with publishing? How did it go?

I am currently working with New Degree Press, which is a hybrid publisher, and I would highly recommend this route! They’ve provided me with so many helpful resources but also give me the responsibility of raising enough money to get my book published, which has been a great learning experience.

Are you self-published? How did that go and what route did you take? What advice would you give to others who want to self-publish?

While I’m not self-published, I would highly recommend that anyone considering the self-publishing route hire an editor to read their work. Having a fresh set of eyes is so important to producing quality work, and having someone working with you along the way makes the bumpy parts of the process much more bearable.

Who is your favorite author now? What is it you like about them?

One of my favorite authors of all time is Mitch Albom. He’s such an honest and compelling storyteller and he’s also a Michigander!

Do you have any favorite books you recommend right now?

I am currently reading The Myth of the Nice Girl by Fran Hauser, and I’m loving it so far! Writing my first book has brought up a lot of doubts and feelings of imposter-syndrome, but Hauser’s book has inspired me so much not just as an author but also as a woman trying to break into the music industry. She has some great insights on balancing kindness with assertiveness, and she’s definitely called me out on some habits that are inhibiting my success. If you’re a woman, you should definitely give it a read!

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write, write, write! It sounds so simple, but this is truly the hardest part! I currently have a creative writing professor that told our class to write 500 words every day and let me tell you, it’s so hard to establish that habit (but so worth it!). Like any other skill, consistency is key to getting better at writing and honing in on your skills.

Reading is also a super crucial part of the process! When I read books, I “read like a writer,” meaning as I read a book I’m looking for strategies or techniques that I’d like to mimic in my own writing. This has helped my writing tremendously and has made my writing approach way more intentional.

Are you on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or do you have an author website we should check out as readers?

My author instagram is @kaitlyn_fox_author and my website is

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