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4 min readFeb 8, 2022

When did you first start writing?

My first trial runs occurred in elementary school, and they were pretty bad. Though, I’m sure some of them will seem randomly insightful here and there. I had better attempts later during my school time, but it was only last year that I started writing with the intent of publishing.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I was pretty indecisive when it came to choosing a profession. Writing first came to mind at 13, but mainly to allow my cinematic desires to flourish. Writing on its own really only became an option when I was 17, and even then, I wanted to dovetail from journalism to writing. I soon abandoned journalism, but knew I wanted to, eventually, become an author.

Was there any author or book in particular that inspired you to write? Or a teacher/mentor?

Nothing in particular, really. I was pretty quiet and secretive as a kid, I preferred to stay in and watch cartoons or read. I found a lot of creativity surrounding me, and I wanted to add to it.

How many books have you written? What are they called? Where can they be found/bought?

As of right now, I haven’t published yet, my book is in the editing phase. I am planning on making a series out of it, I have a name for the series in place, but I want to wait a while longer until I reveal the title of my current book.

What genre do you write?

Currently its fantasy coming-of-age action-adventure, however, as the series progresses, the coming-of-age aspect will be dropped from the larger narrative.

Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life?

Several, if not most of them.

What inspires you to write the most?

Most of my inspiration comes from the world around me and how it came to be, looking for the influences that created the conditions we have to deal with.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

I like observing how an idea becomes alive and self-sufficient, how it can carry me forward to an interesting conclusion. I want to set the parameters, and then allow the wonder I want to evoke in my reader carry them through the story.

Do you listen to music while you write or read?

No, I would start analyzing whatever I’m listening to and how it works or tries to convey its’ message or emotion.

What do you write — short stories, poems, novels, novellas, blog posts etc. — and which do you enjoy writing the most?

Currently my novel, but I also dabble into interactive erotic fiction. The latter is more fun, generally, but the former is more fulfilling, I am more motivated to go back to it.

Will you try the traditional route of publishing? And what is pushing you to go that way, or do you plan to self-publish?

I am planning on going down the traditional publishing route, precisely because I want to be as successful as possible, which would mean getting into as many markets as possible, and I think traditional publishing allows that. However, I also want my debut to be out by the time I’m 30, so I might just try self-publishing if the traditional route doesn’t work out to fulfill that wish.

What is your favorite genre to read?

Science-fiction. It most adeptly satisfies my curiosity for the possibilities of the world and fuels me in a way no other genre can. For the most part.

Who is your favorite author now? What is it you like about them?

All-time I’ll go with Jules Verne, precisely because he can instill that sense of wonder and amazement I’m also trying to create, without shying away from some of the darker reflections and possibilities of nature and humanity. Among current writers it’s Neil Gaiman, he is quirky and dark and creative and insightful in ways that expand your understanding of whatever it is he is talking about.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Stay determined, stay consistent. Allow yourself to make mistakes and find corrections that work for you.

Do you have any favorite books you recommend right now?

I’ve been following up on David Lodge and his work. He mostly writes comedy and is pretty adept at being both biting and charming.

Besides writing, do you have any other hobbies?

I bike regularly, ish, I do research on a variety of topics that interest me and am currently looking for a new fitness program I could take on as my own.

Are you on Twitter or do you have an author website we should check out as readers?

I’m on Twitter (, as well as Tumblr ( and DeviantArt ( I also run two YT channels and link every video I make both on Twitter and Tumblr. That should give you a broad impression of what my style is.

Is there anything else you want to share about your writing or that you want your readers to know?

Not much, except that I look forward to having as many of them as possible looking after my current book. The better it does, the more I’ll be inclined to write the next ones on a full-time basis.

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